Our Stories

Member volunteers over the years have researched and prepared publications on the history of Prince Albert.  Members have also contributed articles to other publications and created presentations and skits to illustrate our history.  Our digital collection of stories includes:

  • Articles for local newspapers: Museum Musings is a bi-weekly column about Prince Albert history.
  • Story Maps: Pictures, maps and written narratives about early Prince Albert and the LaColle Falls project.
  • PAHS Publications

Articles and Columns

Museum Musings

All Museum Musing Articles including
Parts 2 and 3 of the
Central Avenue Walking Tour ...

Central Av Tour 1 Popcorn Stand Thumbnail Spanish Flu Thumbnail


Story Maps

  • Prince Albert History: Late 1800s to the Early 1950s.  Pictures, maps, and written narrative about the founding, settling, schools, industries and growth of Prince Albert.
  • LaColle Falls: An Ambitious Endeavor of a Small City.  Pictures, maps, and written narrative about the LaColle Falls hydroelectric power project.  Construction started in the early 1900s and was never completed with cost overruns, city debt and doubt about the capability of the dam to generate enough power being the major issues.

The story maps were created by Alexander Benmerrouche with assistance from the Prince Albert Historical Society as part of a project he completed while attending the Prince Albert Campus of Saskatchewan Polytechnic.  The story maps are stored by the City of Prince Albert and available through the links on this page.