The Blockhouse

Block House

This squared-log building was constructed by Archie Ballantyne in the 1870's to be used as a stable by Prince Albert's first lawyer, Mr. Maclise.

The building was used as a blockhouse during the Northwest Resistance of 1885 when it was located at 1st Avenue West and 12th Street.

The Blockhouse was dismantled in June 2018. The buildings had deteriorated and had become difficult to maintain or restore.  The salvageable material has been stored until a suitable location and funding are available to have them rebuilt. Every attempt has been made to save the historically relevant parts of the building, such as the gun ports in the blockhouse as they tell of the building's use in 1885.

In September 2019, the Prince Albert Historical Society started a fundraising campaign to reconstruct the Blockhouse and Nisbet Church on the riverbank near the Historical Museum. More information is available on our Home Page or this information sheet.  All donation amounts are welcomed; donations over $20 will receive a tax receipt.

Please consider donating to this project using our GoFundMe page or contact the Historical Society: